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Green Dot Cyprus is the first Collective Compliance System for Packaging and Packaging Waste in Cyprus. It was established as a non-profit organisation on the initiative of the local industry and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

Green Dot Cyprus cooperates with the majority of enterprises operating in Cyprus and manages the packaging in order to give legal coverage to its members. The quality of work done by the organisation and its contribution to public awareness on environmental issues are highly appreciated and recognised both nationally and at European level.


Allow visitors to access recycling information and resources quickly, in order to get them to become more actively involved with recycling. Because the size of the material was quite large, it had to be broken down in such a way that that visitors wouldn’t become lost, discouraged, or confused in their accessing of helpful resources.


In order to visually guide visitors to the section of the website that’s more appropriate to them, we used bold colours (red, yellow & blue) to highlight each of the three sections. The home page features a large hero image that straightforwardly communicates what Green Dot Cyprus is about—converting waste into reusable material for the protection of the environment.

The colour green prevails throughout the page, and on all pages, to fit with the Green Dot cause and logo. Right above the hero image we created three tabs that allow the visitors to quickly access the sections for Public, Business, and Partners. Dividing each of those three categories into smaller individual sections helped make the content more organised and accessible.

For example, in the “Public” section of the website, visitors can find a navigation menu that takes them to different subsections of the website, such as a subsection on why they should recycle at home and how. The same stands for the “Business” and “Partners” sections, where subsections are clearly indicated for ease of use.


Our design focus was to highlight and clearly indicate the different sections of the website in order to guide different users to the appropriate section. By choosing red, yellow, and blue for Public, Business, and Partners respectively,  we could easily draw the user’s attention to the buttons which made for better user experience.</p> <p dir=">


The website for Green Dot was built on our Drupal 8, our favourite Content Management System. This gave our client full access and ability to manage the wide variety of content. It also helped them to easily deliver the content in 2 languages, Greek and English.  

Editors also have the ability to use Paragraphs elements to manage their content. Paragraphs are elements that can be used to make pages more striking and lively. This includes the separation of content into columns, image galleries, file galleries (PDFs), the creation of tables, accordions, tabs, and other elements. This offers countless possibilities compared to a simple text editor.

The website has a simple, elegant design, that helps communicate the importance of recycling to its visitors.


The Green Dot Cyprus website contains a large amount of information regarding proper recycling and its benefits to society. By making the website easily navigable we help better educate visitors, which increases the chances of them engaging in recycling even more. Aside from the content, CTAs such as “Download our app” and “Follow us,” and social media icons, can be found on various pages to encourage visitors to engage and connect with Green Dot Cyprus even further. Promoting the app through the website was key in motivating users to become more active in their protection of the environment.