Zorbas Spring Campaign 2019
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Our long standing relationship with Zorbas Bakeries had been mostly based on Digital Marketing. In preparation for the Spring and Easter of 2019, the client turned to us for something more. A full rounded campaign, combining online and offline activations. Mainly design based, we created unique and exquisite hand drawn illustrations that were displayed nationwide. The campaign was based on 5 objectives: brand awareness, seasonal content, billboard designs, in–store designs and advertorial designs. To make sure the campaign was 360 and connected online and offline seamlessly, we incorporated the illustration designs into our social media posts. Using the existing outdoor design, we created a beautiful minimal template for our social media posts for the Easter period utilizing the various elements.

Our team aided in enhancing further Zorbas' visual identity, positioning the company as market leader. Within the scope of the festive Easter period, we further engaged with our users by creating a seasonal social media competition. So what was our exposure like? Our designs could be found in all 53 Zorbas stores, billboards all over the capital of the Island, print advertising and some awesome competition results on social media. 

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60K total reach 

230K total impressions 

26,9K post engagement


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