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Covve is a CRM software, made for you to grow your business. Covve’s AI-powered News Engine will notify you of news affecting your contacts so you can reach out. You will also get auto reminded on who to contact each week and get notified when you are losing touch with people. That way you can always be updated about business trends or new possible partnerships. Comprised of diverse, highly qualified, and driven individuals who bring collective experience across many sectors, Covve is one of the must- have tools for all entrepreneurs. 

That’s why we chose to create a website with minimal design but with a lot of explanatory information in order to explain to the users what are their benefits and how they can use the app. Built on top of Laravel PHP framework and connected to Covve’s back-end through an API connection. The “Wizard”, as they call it, has the power to fetch users’ mobile devices based on email addresses and phone numbers. It also integrates with SIX payments (saferpay).

Our web development services have now moved under a new business entity!

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