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the client

Cobalt was an international airline based in Cyprus. In 2017 they were awarded the Start-up Airline of the Year award by CAPA – Centre for Aviation. Cobalt were flying to 20 destinations across 12 countries, Cobalt was the largest airline from the Republic of Cyprus with a network that covers Europe and the Middle East.

the challenge

The challenge was to launch a campaign to promote the seasonal Summer Sale, a 4-day sale of 3,000 tickets, and get as many tickets booked through the website as possible during a very limited amount of time, and without any pre-sale announcements.

our approach

Go big or go home! Due to the fact that the sale only lasted for a short period (4-days), we took advantage of as many channels as possible to reach the maximum number of people. We selected 4 top destinations and created separate ads for those, to show more specified prices and entice users who were particularly interested in those destinations.

1) Ad Customisers - we added customised text to our normal Search campaigns that counted down the days of the sale, creating a sense of urgency! This also helped raise awareness that the sale was  happening NOW.

the creative approach

To promote Cyprus as a year-round destination and encourage people to send photographs from different parts of the island as well as different seasons we used relatable imagery.

We ended up with many interesting photos from the snowy mountaintops, wooded parks to the seascapes we all know very well. With this content, tourists can begin to understand that there is more to Cyprus than summer-time beaches. We have a diverse landscape and culture to be enjoyed year-round. 

Opium Metrics

55.64% Total Sale Revenue

80% + website traffic

3476% Return Google Search Campaigns in Cyprus - Ad Spend

Why It Worked

We were able to reach a large audience through many different communication channels and customer touchpoints. Our message was clear and straight-to-the-point. The urgency was communicated through the copy and the designs were fun and summery, getting people in the mood to travel!

Additionally, our creative approach involved using many different ad types to raise awareness about the sale and the urgency of booking. By using many different creative forms and communication channels, viewers did not experience ad fatigue. Specifically:

1) Ad Customisers worked well considering the results from our Search Campaigns. More specific, the ads with customisers resulted to 948 conversions at a cost of just €3.07 per conversion.

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