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Startups are born every day in today’s rapid technology landscape. Covve was one of those startups that was having an identity crisis. The challenge was to unify the company's communication and outperform a sea of competitors. Opium Works developed a holistic brand strategy that would establish Covve as one of the must–have tools for diverse, highly qualified, and driven individuals who bring collective experiences across an array of sectors. 

For phase one, we walked the social way. There are a few invaluable digital medium of getting the word out there. And social media is by far the most cost effective method. Besides raising Covve's awareness, social media served as a simple medium for generating more App installs. Our in–house team of designers created eye-turning visuals that would enhance Covve's unique selling points and redefine the startup as outlandish and provocative. 

Through social media, we managed to reach the largest markets internationally. We have kept the content engaging, intriguing, smart and at the same time educating. We created videos, edited photos and even generated our own GIFs. Visually, the templated content with large expanses of blue colour and bold typography further enhanced the brand's identity. From conducting thorough research in international markets and understanding behavioural patterns to the tone of voice and visuals, we gave Covve an ownable visual and verbal language. 

We were also tasked to design and develop a website that would raise awareness about the company's benefits and generate downloads. We opted for a minimal design that was in line with Covve's contemporary identity. Via Google Ads, our team also aided to an increase in traffic to the website, generating conversions. Our team conducted in-depth competitive keyword analysis, in order to gain insight into consumer behaviour and the relevant target audiences.  

Along with the regular posts and ads, we also run App Installs across all social media channels, which enable us to gain an understand of our audience from each country – what works for them and what doesn’t. For phase one, we run Facebook and Google ads in the UK and US and also created localised ads in Poland. For phase two, we expanded in India, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil and Singapore. 

The paid app-install ads aided in a push to massive number of downloads in a considerably short time. In this process the visibility of the app increased, which then attracted new audiences. Our team managed to drop the App–Install cost to one-sixth of the initial price. Campaigns are currently running on Google and Facebook. Opium Works aims to deliver its message loud and clear: when under the influence of Covve, you never lose touch.

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Opium Metrics

675K+ total reach in 6 months 

3,9K total app installs on Facebook 

13,8K+ total app installs on Google 


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