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The Client

ERA is a leading Cypriot Department Store introduced in the Cypriot market during the last year.

The brand represents a 360 shopping experience full of fashion, beauty, art, and culture. ERA is a place where you can find everything you need about fashion and an inspirational Department Store that offers the latest collections and a range of different brands that cover all ages and styles and determine the fashion and beauty world.

The Approach

We follow a modern approach using realistic shots and iconic, fresh, and playful styles to inspire our fans!  We thought it would be best to bring a model to create real-time shots and gestures! Our baseline was that everybody that would use those filters could be themselves but at the same time it should be fresh and playful and it should also be based on the characteristics of Instagram stories!

And so we did !!

We chose very carefully an influencer that represents the real fashion expert in Cyprus who is young and knows how to handle the field. We arranged a video shooting in our studio, and we took some really cool and realistic shots.  To give the extra mile of a modern and professional video, we created cool branding graphics. We gave them an animated character that helped us tell our story more comprehensively.

And the final video is exactly what we had in our mind… a  modern and contemporary video that emits a fresh feeling while the brand identity of ERA is clear and noticeable.


The Project

During our launch phase (the full plan, you can read it here), we created unique and modern content to generate awareness. In the post-launch phase, which this project is part of,  we should use our unique content and selling points to interact with our fans and connect our brand with the young and experienced ages.

And the Instagram filters were the best way to stand out from the competition and come closer to our post-launch goals! Since our filters were ready now was the time to use them to enhance the message that ERA Department Stores are always up the line of the latest trends.

Our facts were that our core content was already popular with our target audience since many users use Instagram Filters every day. Our challenge was that we should create a mechanism to promote our branding filters impressively without being plain and annoying and at the same time, it is a way to enhance the image of ERA Department Stores as a real pioneer in its industry.

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