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The Concept

Heraclis Ice Cream has been one of the most recognisable ice cream brand names in Cyprus ever since 1939, thanks to its extensive history and association with the island and its people. However, Heraclis was looking to rebrand and change its image to better fit into the modern marketing landscape and avoid falling behind the times and its competitors. Recognising the brand’s high potential, we were immersed into the idea of putting Heraclis as top of mind to audiences of all ages, and presenting it as the staple brand that it has always been in new and exciting ways. The idea was to redefine the online presence of Heraclis Ice Cream visually and contentwise, while at the same time mHeraclis Ice Cream SM Management 2023 aking sure not to compromise the original, old-school and relatable image that has been cultivated for so many years. 

The Execution

Understanding every aspect that makes Heraclis Ice Cream stand out from the competition was key in our attempt to capture the brand’s essence and adjust it for modern audiences. After diving deep into Heraclis Ice Cream’s history, we came up with a detailed plan of how we would proceed with its rebranding over time. Starting from a visual overhaul where diverse and vibrant colours became very prominent in the brand’s image, we managed to completely revamp Heraclis’s online aesthetic perception. 
Heraclis Ice Cream SM Management 2023

Of course, visual appeal without the substance to back it up is not enough in the competitive marketing landscape, so we have been carefully curating content for Heraclis’s social media platforms as well. Our copy content retains the blissful, easygoing nature of sharing an ice cream with loved ones, while also focusing on interesting facts and information about ice cream. This is most evident in our Gelato campaign, which focused heavily on familiarising the audience with gelato and how it differs from regular ice cream.

All of the above are accentuated and driven by regular competitions and giveaways that boost audience engagement.

Heraclis Ice Cream SM Management 2023

The Results

By successfully combining the traditional image of Heraclis, with that of a modern-day brand, we managed to meet our goals, as is evident by the figures listed below.

Total Impressions


Total Reach


Total Engagement


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