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The Project 

Following our take over, Johnnie Walker launched the Fire and Ice campaign, which featured two new flavors and bottles, inspired by the American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones and a follow-up to last year's White Walker campaign, aimed at creating hype and greater brand recognition worldwide. 

Our Goal

Our goal was to bring the brand closer to the younger audience and create high engagement in social media, through fun and interactive content, resulting in the users participating in the final competition.

The Execution

After researching and creating the appropriate strategic approach, we decided to start the campaign by announcing the arrival of these Limited Edition bottles aiming for our users to engage and interact with the brand.

Following the trends in the international arena of Digital Marketing, we created a chatbot (ie automated interactive messaging through an existing messaging platform) which guided users through entertaining messaging. The announcement of the competition was made through specific posts and captions that led users back to their messenger app and guided them through an interactive journey about the show and the new flavors of Johnnie Walker.







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