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The context behind the campaign

October is a significant month for our client, Mitsides.

It’s the month they celebrate pasta and the month they give back to the community. Each year, Mitsides company offers a donation from the profits of each of a selected product range, to a different cause. Our biggest challenge was to communicate our client’s CSR activation and spread the word in a way that would engage and deeply inspire the target audience to support this action. This is why we decided to create an unforgettable narration of this story through an animated video.

The Objective

  • Contribute to Mitsides Trustworthy Reputation by reaching as many people as possible.
  • Boost user engagement.
  • Raise sales during October. 

First, to measure our campaign’s success we defined our key performance indicators (KPIs) for each medium:

  • Reach Total: 630K - 680K
  • Total Engagement: 150K - 200K
  • Engagement (likes and comments & shares)

The Channels

Where will our content and messaging be distributed?

Where does our audience hang out online? For what purpose do they use each social media channel and from which one they engage the most?

When deciding which social media channels to use for this campaign, we elaborated on the above questions.

When running this social media marketing campaign, we specifically prioritized growing the channels most relevant to Mitsides’ audience and omit those where they are least likely to grow a loyal following. This is how we ended up using Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Another reason why we chose these channels is because they are the largest content-sharing platforms and the ideal platforms to upload video content, so we would be sure our video would be seen. 

Content Formats

Another major decision we had to make was the content we would be creating to fuel the campaign. Eventually,  we included multiple content formats by designing a 2D animation video and static visuals for the Social Media posts.

The Campaign

One of the core marketing objectives for this campaign was to contribute to Mitsides objective to build trust amongst their community and also build their trustworthy reputation.

This year, they decided to help Regional Primary School “Iamatiki”, which was partially burnt by the fire in July 2021, by donating equipment that could help teachers and students in their everyday school life. Our brief was to create something that would connect the values of the company to the importance of their donation and would encourage people to contribute to this donation.

How did we end up with this idea?

Focus on our target demographics. The secret for this creative, effective campaign idea applies to knowing our demographics inside and out. An in-depth research on demographic trends helped us earn a better understanding of their perspectives.  
Research of the global trends and successful campaigns. We elaborated on the world’s most successful campaigns in order to enrich our findings about what people actually prefer, what moves them and what can lead to the desirable estimated results.
Focus on ideas that solve problems. A key factor that makes a campaign successful is to try describing the problem and give the solution. This was a clear goal for us while working on this campaign. Show the problem and highlight how Mitsides gave the solution. In opposition to other campaigns, here we didn’t aim at solving the problem with a product; we showed a social problem and the brand’s initiative to help on this.

For this idea, we decided to create a story and personify the company in an emotional animation. As it’s a sensitive concept, we wanted to approach it with respect and create an emotional connection between the company and our audience, since the fire shook everyone on the island.

To give a storyline to our animation, we decided to use Mitsides as a persona and a guardian, and have them write a letter to the parents and children of the school. After extensive research, we decided that this was an approach that would match our objectives, and we proceeded to create the script, storyboard and voice over - all in the form of a person writing a letter to someone they care about.

We created a 2D Animation to share the story of the “Iamatiki” School and its students.

The narrator in the voiceover was reading the actual letter that Mitsides sent to the students and their parents.

To build up the emotional connection mentioned above,  with the audience, we started with a short throwback, that led to the future, when the children of the school would receive the equipment. As this was a complex topic, we decided to proceed with an impactful explainer animated video that allowed us to convey the essence of our concept in easy-to-understand form.

Why did we choose to create an animated video?

We decided that an animated video would be the most powerful and effective way for a guaranteed successful marketing campaign. This is based on the following facts:

  • The content shown in an animated video will definitely be consumed.
  • They have a high rate of ROI as they are cheaper to produce compared to other types of video.
  • They stick to your audience’s memories, they will remain there and they will engage your viewers.
  • They work great along the most important search engines.

The Animation Video was advertised through Mitsides Social Media Channels, and YouTube, and the whole month of October was dedicated to this campaign.

The Outcome

In terms of the budget and the advertising spent as well as the KPIs defined, the campaign was very successful and brought back impressive results.

In total through the campaign we reached more than 776,000 Unique Users, with 216,000 engaging with the campaign.

Total Reach: 776K
Total Engagement: 216K
Impressions: 1,423,972

Mitsides Pasta Month campaign donate a part of the income of October’s Sales to gift to the “Iamatiki School”:

  • 2 touch screen interactive boards
  • 2 projectors
  • 2 PC
  • 3 laptops, tablets and board games

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