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The Project

Every year, for every special and non special occasion, the unique creations of Pralina Confectioneries and Experience, inspire us to be better and create distinctive Social Media content! For Easter 2021, Pralina Confectioneries creations focused on the iconic symbol of Spring, the ladybird. The ladybird symbolizes spirituality and represents good luck, great fortune, protection and love. 

The Execution

As the Social Media accounts of Pralina Confectioneries and Experience follow a colour blocking approach, the same approach continued into the Easter Campaign.

However, wanting to elevate the creations and make a statement, the Easter products were placed on podiums at different levels, and were surrounded by props and other, smaller Pralina Easter creations.

Inspired by the products and the ladybird itself, the main colours were Red and Turquoise. The complimentary colours were grey and pink. 

The Copywriting

The copywriting concept was focused on the symbolism of the ladybird, the colours and the Easter concept. Through explanation of this symbolism, the captions made festive wishes to users hoping for them to gain & give the positive attributes from these varying meanings of the Ladybird.


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The Outcome

While keeping the colour blocking approach of the Social Media presence, we introduced all the different and unique seasonal products for the Easter Period with a touch of elevation for these seasonal and special products. In addition, through the captions of each post, we assist the user to “travel” through a series of positive emotions, information and products. We’re really excited our client trusted us with the seasonal products, while taking the brand yet another step further in differentiation! 

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