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The Campaign

For a year now, we have been the responsible company for the management of Henkel’s social media pages. This year, Henkel trusted us with the creative process for the creation of local content, allowing for awesome opportunities to flourish.

To enhance the content published and give an innovative twist to the traditional photo set-up, we prepared a proposal with a bunch of creative ideas for content creation from GIF’s with cut-outs to micro-videos with illustrations to wait for it… 3D!

We did prepare every single one of the ideas we proposed, but our favorite was the impressive 3D one.

One of the products we wanted to create content for was the Schwarzkopf’s Root Retoucher. This is a spray that allows you to retouch your roots without any fuss or appointments, from your home, in a matter of seconds!

So we needed a video that would showcase the product for what it is, with a touch of magic.


The Project 

Our awesome 3D artist took the project on with passion and excitement. Using Blender 2.9 he took the package and created the 3D model for the Root Retoucher bringing it to life at the very first level.

He then moved on to actually dress it up and bring it even closer to reality, making it a complete replica of the actual package. So to do this he went on with texturing and lighting bringing shine and life to the design.

All the final composites happened in After Effects leaving us with this mind-blowing video.

Cool right?

We’re so excited to get to share it with the world! 

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