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the client

Pralina Confectioneries is one of the finest restaurants and patisserie chains in Cyprus. What makes Pralina stand out, are its high-quality premium ingredients and top chefs, along with the excellent service and grand aesthetics of the interiors. As a result, many Cypriots associate the brand with exceptional quality and choose it for special occasions.

the challenge

The main objectives were to increase the brand’s popularity by showcasing the exclusive dishes and desserts that can be found at the restaurant, presenting them in a creative way. We also wanted to highlight those unique ingredients Pralina’s chefs and pastry chefs use to create outstanding flavours.

Furthermore, we needed to present the restaurant’s exquisite interiors, carefully built and decorated with art pieces to create the perfect environment for Pralina’s guests.

Last but not least, we aimed to attract a younger demographic audience to the restaurant, while retaining the sense of exclusivity, luxury, and top standards.

our approach

In order to achieve the above goals, we altered the original visual direction, which mostly focused on the products, and created lifestyle content in order to communicate a more approachable, attainable side to the brand. We started doing photo shoots every month to keep our audience up-to-date regarding new dishes and confectioneries!

Also, micro-video production became a part of the monthly content creation with a solid purpose of raising engagement with the audience. This approach was successful!

the creative approach

As stated above, we wanted to present the exceptional desserts and dishes in a creative and unique way. This is the reason why we came up with these kinds of visuals, which were mainly posted during summer time. The “Artistic” category, as we named it, involved the creation of a composition made out of flowers, carefully chosen to match the colours of the desert and draw attention to it!

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