OJO Sunglasses has grown and massively expanded in 5 countries within a short period of just 5 years. It is currently the most successful chain of sunglasses in Cyprus.

OJO’s relative accumulated revenue across the chain has made it the only dominant sunglasses retail chain of its kind in Cyprus and Greece. Maintaining its strong and reputable brand name in these countries, OJO’s franchises can enjoy continued growth similar to the strongest fashion-orientated retail chains in the world.


Redesign the eCommerce website so that it reflects the values of the brand while offering a usable, smooth, and pleasant experience for the users. The website design and functionality was to aid in making decision-making easier for its users when buying sunglasses online.


Our first step was to carry out research in order to better understand our target audience. This was done through Hotjar and Google analytics. Understanding the current pain points and behaviours of the users before starting the design process helped us better address their needs!

We then decided on interaction channels and devices. Since we were mainly targeting young adults, the OJO eCommerce site had to be fully optimised for tablets and mobile phones as well, not just desktop, since many of our users would be reaching us on mobile.

After deciding on channels and devices, we mapped out a typical Customer Journey in order to make smarter decisions regarding products, marketing, UX/UI, and merchandising. We then prioritised the features we were going to use in our designs using the MoSCoW method. This method is most effective when it comes to prioritising requirements for projects with fixed or tight deadlines!

We completed our research stage by doing competitor analysis and looking at best practises for current eCommerce trends.

Our UX research pointed us towards these principles:
  • Effortless: Minimum effort from the user.

  • Decision-Making: Choices shown clearly and simply.

  • Engagement Loop: Users can build and enhance their shopping experience.

  • Findable: Users don’t get lost navigating.

  • Desirable: The look and feel are enjoyable so users return.

  • Easy: Consistent and clear layout and functionality.


Minimal but at the same time modern and fresh. We chose vivid colours like yellow and orange in order to capture and express the energetic, positive personality of the brand. Large hero images were used to showcase professional photos of models wearing the sunglasses, so that our users could see exactly what the products looked like when worn. Since the majority of our users were young adults, social media icons were an essential inclusion in order to better connect the brand with the fans. A Store Locator featuring a map was also included for the users’ convenience. CTAs such as Shop Now, or Subscribe to Newsletter were placed in various parts of the website to encourage visitors to take action and connect with OJO.

OJO eCommerce website development

The OJO Sunglasses eCommerce website is a project we are proud of. It was built on our personal favourite, Drupal 8, and the new version of Drupal Commerce.


Drupal Commerce is another big thing that the Drupal framework offers. It provides a full mechanism that can be used as a base for building e-commerce websites, and has commerce-related features such as products, product variations, payment, orders, and shipping, that are fully documented.


Another important aspect of the OJO Sunglasses website is the integration with Powersoft. Powersoft is a system where OJO keeps all their product information, orders, customers, and stock management. We have created a full integration between the OJO website and Powersoft. The key points of this integration are:


  • Products get automatically synchronised from Powersoft. The client doesn’t need to edit anything on the website, just on Powersoft.

  • Stock gets automatically synchronised from Powersoft. Once more, the client only has to edit stock on Powersoft.

  • Products and Stock can also be synchronised manually through the Drupal CMS.

  • Orders being made on the website are automatically being sent to Powersoft.

  • Integration was achieved using the Powersoft API.


Another important functionality we built for the OJO website is the Images Importer. We have created a mechanism that allows the client to easily upload images. Images are imported to appropriate products at the single click of a button!

OJO Sunglasses is not just a functional commerce website. It also includes design features and effects such as mouseover effects, playful CSS transitions, beautiful photos, and much more.

Page editors also have the ability to use Paragraphs elements to manage their content. These elements can be used to make pages more dynamic and lively. They include the separation of content into columns, creation of tables, accordions, tabs, and other elements that give you the ability to achieve much more than a simple text editor does.


OJO Sunglasses is a brand that primarily targets young generations. The OJO eCommerce site reflects the personality and values of the brand, and at the same time offers users a pleasant experience throughout their buyer’s journey.