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OJO Sunglasses has grown and expanded in 5 countries within a period of 5 years. OJO’s relative accumulated revenue across the chain has made it the only dominant sunglasses retail chain of its kind in Cyprus and Greece. Maintaining its strong and reputable brand name in these countries, OJO’s franchises can enjoy continued growth similar to the strongest fashion-orientated retail chains in the world. Opium Works redesigned and reimagined the new site, with an ambitious update, focusing on a simplified user journey through a bespoke eCommerce flow. 

It gave the opportunity to users to seamlessly browse and purchase from a product catalogue. In terms of design we retained a white background to accentuate the products and utilised bold typography to draw consumers to the cause. We also integrated playful CSS transitions and mouseover effect. The site was designed inline with the brand, retaining a systematic approach to colour palettes, look and feel. 

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