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The Client

Bourjois is a French cosmetics brand founded in 1863. As a Parisian brand, it implements Parisian values and the mentality of beauty: quick, effective, light textures, elegant and chic.
The philosophy of the brand and its tools focus on having fun with colours and adding a playful twist to your look. Their slogan “Let’s Play Beauty!” or “Beauty should be a game, not a chore!” perfectly reflects what Bourjois expresses through their cosmetic products and their overall strategic approach in the market across 80 countries worldwide. In Cyprus, Bourjois distributes its chic make-up via the No. 1 cosmetics chain in the country - ‘Beautyline’. 

The Approach

Since Bourjois is a chic cosmetics brand that values entertainment, we wanted to transmit that message with the original social media content. In agreement with the client, we decided to communicate the brand’s values through Instagram Reels.

Bourjois Cyprus was not producing original reels content as opposed to Bourjois Paris, Bourjois Spain, Bourjois UK and many others. The creation of original content was crucial to creating awareness for the Cypriot market, with the main objective to allow the post-pandemic consumers to get the feel of their products through the screen. Due to the virus outbreak, ‘Beautyline’ consumers were not allowed to test and swatch beauty products in the store and so a reel strategy was created by the Opium Works’ Marketing team, Tiktok/Reels Strategists and Content Creators.

The entertainment concept of the fifteen-second-long videos was strategically plotted for the swatch videos for their lip, face and eyes make-up products; A potential Bourjois client finally got the chance to see the colours and textures of their products in broad daylight. A combination of Instagram’s static posts and reels allowed the consumers to get inspired and purchase Bourjois products with more confidence. 

The objectives

Initiating production and posting reels were accompanied by several goals:

Stay up to date with the modern social media standards
Smart and fast brands use IG Reels and TikTok platforms because they realized the power it holds. Being present and active on reels gives Bourjois more credibility and it satisfies the demand of a modern consumer.

Keep up with the standards of worldwide Bourjois’ internal accounts
Bourjois in other countries has already successfully begun creating original content. Bourjois Cyprus had to join in on the internal trend for a more integrated brand feel.

Increase Brand Awareness in the Cypriot Market
Instagram Reels have a great potential for a high organic reach. Due to the great algorithm of the platform, the videos almost directly target the right audience automatically. This allows Bourjois to grow and expand its target consumer organically, making real and loyal connections.

Routine Instagram Reels





When it comes to the metrics of reels, one must keep in mind that the growth is not linear due to the algorithm and unpredictable nature of the trends. Some content gets attention immediately, and some content gets a sudden explosion of attention a few months later. 

In 2 months. our 8 reels have achieved excellent numbers organically. However, they are still evergrowing since Instagram users tend to discover and re-discover the content via an algorithm recommendation system that keeps pushing it to our client’s home page, hashtags and audios.

  • Total reach: 18,889

  • Total Views: 18,717


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