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An average Bourjois’ Reel had 720% more reach than an average Bourjois Static Post

The Client

Bourjois is a French cosmetics brand founded in 1863. The philosophy of the brand and its tools focus on having fun with colours and adding a playful twist to your look. In Cyprus, Bourjois distributes its chic make-up via the No. 1 cosmetics chain in the country - ‘Beautyline’. 

The Challenges
  1. Bourjois Cyprus was not producing original reels content as opposed to Bourjois Paris, Bourjois Spain, Bourjois UK and many others. 
  2. Post-pandemic makeup beauty stores were not allowing testing the products. Bourjois missed the opportunity for the product demonstration.
The objectives

Initiating production and posting reels were accompanied by several goals:

Stay up to date with the modern social media standards
Being present and active on Reels gives Bourjois more credibility and it satisfies the demand of a modern consumer.

Keep up with the standards of worldwide Bourjois’ internal accounts
Bourjois in other countries has already successfully begun creating original content. Bourjois Cyprus had to catch up as well.

Increase Brand Awareness in the Cypriot Market
Due to the great algorithm of the platform, the videos almost directly target the right audience automatically. This allows Bourjois to grow and expand its target consumer organically, making real and loyal connections.

Routine Instagram Reels





- Total reach: 22,547
- Total Views: 22,548
- Average reach per Reel: 1878 

- Average reach per Static Post: 308
An average Bourjois’ Reel had 720% more reach than an average Bourjois Static Post

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