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Elite is a quality brand offering nutritional value and continuously adding new flavors to their tremendous range. Tasty and wholesome products have been created over the years, based on dedication and a loving touch since 1968.

Since Elite is staying committed to the values that have made it the top rusk brand, our team couldn’t deviate from their values and goals. Creating attractive and fun content for the modern consumer, we had the main goal to inform the audience about the brand, their dedication and their love they put into their products.

With the launch of the Elite Mediterranean Crackers, Elite laid the foundations for the development of innovative products based on the Mediterranean Diet. With such a wide product range, Elite trust us for the online promotion of their products and the outstanding communication with the consumers!

Opium Metrics

5224K Facebook Total Reach for 2019 in a 6 month period

14K Facebook Total Engagement for 2019 in a 6 month period

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