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The Project

Our collaboration with Henkel is flourishing and we cannot hide our excitement! A series of creative content was created to enhance our social media pages with some locally created content. A unique creative process was followed in order to present a series of ideas for selected products!

One of the new products that we wanted to promote was Gliss 4-in-1 hair masks!

There are three different masks ideal for:

  • Coloured or damaged hair
  • Damaged and weak hair
  • Stressed and dry hair

These three masks also have four different application uses (hence the name!):

  • Pre-shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Mask
  • Leave-in 

The concept & execution

And why would anyone not want to try one of these masks?!

We got so excited with the specific masks and we focused on their unique raw materials! We were informed about each raw material, found the perfect design for each of them and created hand-prepared cut-outs.

From that point forward we created a fun stop-motion composition with the hair masks and cut-outs to showcase the core ingredients in each mask.

Our creative and marketing teams came together to create this awesome project.

The complete process included:

  • Research
  • Moodboard preparation
  • Storyboard creation
  • 1 production day 
  • 1 post-production day
  • Client approval every step of the way

And voilà, the project was brought to life!

Our end goal was met: fun content that educates the user simultaneously.

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