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Akakiko is the brand that brought Asian gastronomy closer to the people of Cyprus. They introduced a new way of enjoying the Asian inspired dishes, and managed to create an engaging online community through custom-made content and catchy concepts. Akakiko has become a part of our online everyday activity, reflecting its true values whenever communicating with its audience. This means easy Japanese Fusion with high quality healthy food. The brand has elevated its content by sharing more photos of the people making the food, its ingredients, as well as snaps from the restaurant

The Concept

Akakiko Cyprus is the leader of Asian inspired gastronomy in Cyprus. Yet, as this is a relatively foreign concept, we decided to create a series of videos to educate our audience about Asian gastronomy and table etiquette.

The inspiration behind the idea “It’s all Akakiko to me” is the known quote “It’s all Greek to me” which people use to highlight that they don’t understand a concept. We take for granted the fact that everybody knows everything. But, this is not true. We believe that educating our audience through engaging content, can persuade them to try more and different dishes, than what they usually order and get to know Asian culture a little better.


  • Type of Sushi
  • Etiquette
  • Chopsticks
  • Wasabi

The Objective

Our aim was to educate the audience about the ingredients, the ways of cooking, the dishes. This “education” ensures that our clients know and understand our products, how fresh they are, how well cooked they are and therefore can identify our and original tastes.

To bring our idea to life, we decided to create four (4) videos, each one dedicated to a different topic, all prepared in our studio, matching the overall Akakiko look and feel.

The first video is introducing the different types of sushi, while the second one focuses on the Japanese etiquette for dine-in. Our third video was an explanatory video on how to use chopsticks and we wrapped up the series with a video explaining how to eat wasabi, soy sauce and ginger!


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