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Opium Works was appointed to build a coherent and interactive presence for world-renowned chain restaurant Taco Bell. What began for Taco Bell in 2010 - with assistance to their in-house digital marketing activations - was launched in full force in December 2011. Our team implemented a marketing strategy that would entice the younger audience. Attracting the millennial attention—and finding creative ways to accommodate their new behaviors, tastes and routines—wasn’t easy. But we aimed to inform consumers about the tantalising, Mexican-flavoured products, increase store traffic, maximize reach and ultimately make Taco Bell... cool. 

Our most successful Facebook game for Taco Bell was Taco Bell Crash. Based on the very popular game of Candy Crash, we developed a game that was optimised for all tablets and mimicked the full process of the Candy Crash game. The game itself consisted of nine levels of difficulty and the objective is to match the pictures, which were again Taco Bell products. The user had the opportunity to share their score and invite friends to play, earning them more points for the game. The app was optimised for all tablets. We had 16,000 participants and each player averaged 7 levels.  

Our Facebook app developers honour you with the assurance of providing, user-friendly apps and from our end, we make sure that the user can perform multiple tasks with the help of respective apps.

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