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The Client 

Louis Ivi Mare was arriving to the local market and Opium Works was appointed to introduce the hotel to an overly–crowded industry. The challenge was to jumpstart the brand's presence, increase awareness, generate leads and create advocacy. The strategy we implemented was two-fold. For the introductory phase, we utilised Facebook and Instagram ads to gain traffic. We profiled our target audience based on psychographic and demographic segmentations, with the aim to develop a deeper understanding of the users online.

The Approach 

We tracked the activity of website and add–to–cart visitors. Once we received first–party data, for phase two we formed lookalike models to resemble the existing audience. This enabled us to define audiences with the most precision and achieve higher conversion rates. As a final step, we also integrated re–marketing into our strategy to reconnect with past leads and entice them to return and book online. 

The Campaign 

Our primary focus was on hotel offers rather than social media generic posts. The campaign was successful because it was designed to solely target audiences that were looking for and willing to book online.


Website Clicks:



350K people

Post Engagement:



More than 6 different countries


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