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The Project 

Our collaboration with MAC Cosmetics Cyprus remains a highly creative and interesting one, as it is a brand that is trusted and followed by many users, who turn to MAC for all their makeup needs. The project for 2022 (April 2022 - February 2023) was to promote MAC Cosmetics to the Cypriot market with content provided by the international brand and their numerous collaborations, limited edition products and bestselling favourites as well as high-quality locally created content.

The Goal

The goal was to expand the reach of our Facebook and Instagram accounts by creating more inviting, enticing and cohesive feeds that would welcome our audience to be educated about new makeup trends and inspired.

MAC Cosmetics Cyprus2023

The Execution

We experimented with both static and video content in order to raise our engagement and awareness, as well as highlight the vibrant and exuberating nature of the brand. For the social media accounts, we also had a mixture of local, influencer, international and resharing posts that captured the overall essence of MAC Cosmetics Cyprus and also showed the inclusive and diverse nature that characterises the brand. Our best-performing posts were from local photoshoots, which seemed to connect with the audience more, as they were inspired by new makeup looks and intrigued by the quality and artistic candidness of the images. There was an important consistency in our follower growth throughout the year, on both Facebook and Instagram, showcasing the appeal of MAC Cosmetics Cyprus’ social media presence and the constant interest in makeup and beauty, especially by actively empowering and trustworthy brands.


We were able to produce feeds that combined both static and video content, with the former achieving a higher engagement, in terms of likes and comments, and the latter leading to increased visibility of the brand’s page, leading to great results. With regards to the video content, we utilised reels from local makeup artists by posting them on the Instagram feed for one day to gain more organic engagement and then removing them from the profile grid to make sure it stayed consistent and visually appealing.

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