MAC Cosmetics Cyprus Social Media Management
The client:

‘M·A·C Cosmetics, or simply M·A·C, is a Canadian cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto in 1984. The company is headquartered in New York City and M·A·C is an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics.’ That’s the description someone will see the first time they visit the brand’s website. However, everyone knows that M·A·C is way more than just a cosmetics brand. It’s a philosophy and their products are the tools to freely express an attitude towards modern life. 

M·A·C's motto is 'All ages. All races. All sexes and their make-up products are designed to suit and be accessible to everyone. And that exactly reflects what M·A·C represents through their make-up products and their overall strategic approach in the markets across the globe. 

For M·A·C, make-up is about having fun and expressing yourself. That mindset and culture are seen across their products and campaigns, giving M·A·C an edgy and playful feel, that is always appealing to a younger crowd! The brand has also been an innovator regarding inclusivity and self-expression. That’s why they make sure to keep creating new products that match everyone; a great example is their wide range of foundations and concealers that match every skin shade and colour, making them a hugely popular brand for people of all nationalities.

The approach:

Since M·A·C is a beauty brand that stands out, supporting equality, inclusion and justice, we wanted to create an account that motivates the users and shows that make-up is not only something to be pretty but it’s a form of art and we can be whoever we want to be.

In alignment with the client, we agreed that the main channel to build a communication strategy and create awareness is Instagram. Our IG feed is characterized as positive, inspirational and motivational. All photos use a palette of colours that matches the different seasons and the special promotions/campaigns of products while keeping coherence in both colours and products.

As M·A·C Cyprus didn’t have a digital presence so far, we needed to educate and inform our audience about our page and products. Through the consistent posting of educational videos, reposts from international make-up artists and models-inspired makeup trends and tips, we created engaging and interesting content, creating the go-to page for all make-up lovers! The unique “Behind The Scenes'' content of fashion shows and collaborations aim to teach users the art of makeup and enhance the professional side of M·A·C in Cyprus. Moreover to raise brand awareness along with the engagement rate we run some Instagram Giveaways, giving some of the most popular and desirable beauty products. 

The content format follows a 360 strategic approach, trying to include content and themes that are fun and more consuming on each of the IG features like feed, IGTV, Reels and stories. We post frequently and our main goal is to retain our engagement through stunning and interactive content while at the same time we focus on our Reach and on account Growth using the big exposure of videos on this platform.  Also, we use the UGC a lot, since we want to deliver a positive feeling and connect with our users in an authentic way. 
Moreover, we created the #MACCosmeticsCyprus hashtag to promote and distinguish our posts from all the other accounts of MAC International.


Our goals

Since consumer behaviour changed to more digital use, especially during the period of the quarantine and lockdowns, our goals are based on a strategic plan to increase awareness and generate engagements while creating a loyal community in the Cyprus market. 

Cypriot consumers want to see the official SM pages of their favorite brands, feel safe and familiarize themselves with them and their products. That’s why we aimed to create an interaction with the users while we educate them and inspire them.

We are using global unique assets to produce engaging visuals and informative captions, to increase brand awareness and social media following. We also use local images from photo shootings for M·A·C Cyprus to engage even more with our local community.
From make-up tips, playful and inspired captions, posts about the product’s unique selling points to strategic social media advertising, we invite everyone to dive into M·A·C Cosmetics diversity!




Our numbers in 5 months!
  • Instagram Avg Organic Engagement rate: 5.8%
  • Instagram Avg Total Engagement rate: 27% 
  • Instagram Organic Interaction rate: 9.3% 
  • Instagram Fans: 2,083 
  • Instagram Follower Growth per day: 11 
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