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OJO Sunglasses has grown and massively expanded in 5 countries within a short period of just 5 years. It is currently the most successful chain of sunglasses in Cyprus. OJO’s relative accumulated revenue across the chain has made it the only dominant sunglasses retail chain of its kind in Cyprus and Greece. Maintaining its strong and reputable brand name in these countries, OJO’s franchises can enjoy continued growth similar to the strongest fashion-orientated retail chains in the world. The challenge was to increase the number of sales coming from Google Search, the website was receiving a lot of traffic anyway but these visits weren’t translating into conversions. 

The first thing we did was to restructure the account, meaning that we: broke down the campaigns by Exact and Phrase match, Followed Google’s best practices to create new ad copy and made sure we had the minimum ads required per ad group, Made bid adjustments based on historical data. Created Price Extensions for Mobile Devices, Created Dynamic Search ads to identify opportunities. After the “facelift” we did to the account, we focused on identifying keyword opportunities and building new campaigns based on the best performing Search Terms. 

The Dynamic Search campaign was the main reason our strategy worked because it let us identify Search Terms we wouldn’t think they would convert in the past. Then, we had the Price Extensions for mobile devices that brought us around 30% of our conversions since we added them to the account. Moreover, our ability to turn the most successful search terms into campaigns in no time increased our competitiveness in Google Search and increased our ads relevancy.

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Opium Metrics

Cost Per Conversion decreased by 36.95%

Our price extensions brought the 29.87% of our conversions

Our average position improved from 2.2 to 1.8

Our average CTR increased by 4.04%

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