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Since 2014, Opium Works has been working with Pizza Hut to bring their brand and product offering to digital prominence. The challenge was to engage younger audiences and introduce P'Zone as the calzone in all its hybrid glory. After conducting competitor and industry analysis, we knew that we had to leverage video content marketing to achieve high conversion rates and ROI. 

When introducing an international product in the local market, our team implements a tactical digital strategy, which tailors the product for Instagram and Facebook and the demographic that it attracts. We put it into practise with P'Zone and directed and filmed a video that was an ode to 90s skate culture and graffiti art.  This ultimately, honed in Pizza Hut's revival and urban values. 

Through social media's targeting options we were able to pinpoint highly specific audiences that were likely to buy into the product. This agile marketing approach we undertook, enticed a younger crowd and aided in Pizza Hut's local reach and revenue. 

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112K reach on Instagram
91K reach on Facebook 



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