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The Project

Although 2020 was an unusual year for everyone around the globe,  some things do not change. Christmas is the most festive season of the year and the best way to show your love is with a Christmas gift; And everyone loves a tasteful gift! What’s better than a box full of Pralina Confectioneries?!


Our Marketing and Design teams wanted to create an elevated, festive campaign that will create the feeling of sharing. The love that goes into preparing a gift! The excitement as you open a gift!


Message of the Campaign: #ASweetGiftForEveryone


A gift that can be shared with the family, that can be delivered to friends or left by the porch! A gift that can be given to a loved one and be enjoyed together.

Creative Execution

The Christmas Campaign was divided into two parts.

Social Media Content: Photo Shooting 
Christmas Video Content: Production 

The Social Media Content was created with the help of a Food Stylist and Art Director in order to create elevated visuals, matching the campaign’s message.


The appropriate props, and products were carefully selected in order to create the magical, final result.


The Christmas Video was created with the help of the Drama Llama team and it was the piece that connected everything, adding to the magic of the Pralina Confectioneries Christmas Campaign!

You may enjoy it here.

Marketing Execution

The Christmas Video was posted on Facebook and ran as a Grey Ad on Instagram from almost the whole of December. The video was strategically not posted on Instagram, so as not to interfere with the strategic colour-blocking trilogy approach on the Instagram fee. The goal was to reach as many people as possible beginning in early December and ending just after Christmas Day, with a purpose of building and maintaining a sharing and loving mood!

Objective used: Reach



The Static Content was shared on both Facebook and Instagram, with the images transitioning, from bright to darker colours with an aim to build from the joy of Christmas to the elegance of New Year’s. The ultimate goal was to engage with the audience.  These visuals were posted on both channels as they were prepared with the existing feed in mind, complimenting the existing color blocking trilogy look & feel.

Objective used: Engagement

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