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The Client

Three Cents beverages are inspired by the late 19th-century soda fountain culture, artisanal products and the history of bubbles. Three Cents offers a vast variety of sodas and tonics, with their signature drink being the Pink Grapefruit Soda- The first-ever Pink Grapefruit Soda to make an appearance on our island! The brand was created by bartenders for bartenders as there was a gap in the soda market for creating that perfect cocktail.

Today the product is largely used in cocktails but is often also enjoyed on its own as a soda.

Other than their infamous Pink Grapefruit Soda, the Three Cents products are widely known for their natural ingredients and carbonation as they have perfected this science of the bubbles!

The Execution

Opium Works was tasked with the brand’s Social Media Management for the local market with a goal to increase the brand’s Reach and Engagement to a relevant audience for the premium sodas and mixers. Followed by extensive research of the local digital environment, a journey of experimentation began in order to determine the ideal strategy for the brand with ultimate targeting.

While using a content mix of global and local content, the team achieved its goal of maintaining high levels of Engagement all the while without sacrificing the desired Reach. How did we do it? We did our research, presented a thorough and strict advertising strategy and followed through! And we don’t stop there! Every year the Opium Works team presents new innovative ideas and campaigns for growth, making the Three Cents brand stand out the way it deserves on social media! 

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