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The Client

In 1959 in the town of La Gacilly in northern France, Yves Rocher's passion for the world of plants was born. A pioneering herbalist, he developed his plant-based beauty products in the attic of his family home, which later became his first laboratory. He invented a new form of beauty, the botanical, with the utmost respect for women and nature.

Yves Rocher is the only cosmetic creator who fully controls the entire life cycle of his products, from the plant to the skin, since he is simultaneously a botanist, collector, designer, manufacturer, and retailer of all products. Since then, the Yves Rocher brand has had as its primary objective respect for nature, both in flora and fauna.

Today, 30 million women around the world are convinced of the high quality and performance of our products.

All products are created with unique formulas consisting mainly of herbs.
Each product line has a common botanical ingredient, such as:

- Agave used in several the hair products

- Cornflower used in eye care products, and

- Organic peppermint is used in face care products specifically for oily skin.

The brand is committed to nature:

  • 98% of the ingredients used come from natural sources
  • 99% of the ingredients are biodegradable
  • The products do not contain sulfates
  • Only sustainable sources are used
  • It is committed to preserving biodiversity

The Project

Yves Rocher raises environmental awareness in the local market with their renewed line, Elixir Botanique.

In the packaging of the new line Elixir Botanique, they have reduced the use of cardboard by 41% while the plastic film has been completely removed.

To create hype about the new line of products, we chose to collaborate with a local influencer, Klelia Yiasemidou, since the local market is driven by word of mouth and friends’ or influencers’ recommendations.
The strategy:

Klelia Yiasemidou posted  4 weekly reels about different routines featuring the Elixir Botanique products and other products of the brand, in order to share a complete routine with the target audience. 
The videos were part of her everyday life as we wanted the content to look native and not a direct advertisement. 
We wanted Klelia’s followers to get inspired and motivated to try the products. 
In the caption, we were mentioning information regarding the products so that we gave value to the users.

To enhance this activity we also created dedicated content via the Yves Rocher Cyprus Social Media Profiles, Facebook & Instagram, such as:

  • Social Media posts - all the posts were boosted via paid advertising
  • Social Media ads - Grey ads 
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Stories

The Objectives

  • Create awareness for the relaunch of Elixir Botanique, the philosophy, and the brand's commitment.
  • Inspire the target audience to try the products of Elixir Botanique.

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