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Kodika is a revolutionary platform in your iPad. Capable of building powerful apps, Kodika is created for those that want to create apps without fuss or coding knowledge! You can Drag&Drop visually, use a chatbox and show off your skills to your designer or developer friends. Researching the competitors' scene we managed to build a marketing plan to reach audience internationally. Opium Works was appointed in creating a full marketing plan, social media presence and assisting with the creation of blog posts, among others. 

Our team went with the main communication message: the facilitation and ease of creating an app from scratch and allowing our audience to digitize their business and/or start-up. Moving according to plan we dressed up Kodika’s website with new content and visuals, created social media-friendly material and started advertising on Apple App Store and Google Ads. Regarding social media, we run traffic campaigns and App Install campaigns across all channels.

Our main goal was to inform the market about this revolutionary platform, establish and build the brand’s presence & popularity and position the brand in the market as an “easy to use and practical app”. Our team aided in Kodika's installs in 7 countries: Greece, Vietnam, Spain, India, Brazil, UK and the US. A very exciting and contemporary project that we are more than proud of.

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