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The Plan

With Mitsides being a renowned and trusted brand in the Cypriot market, we wanted to further reinforce its relevance, popularity and emotional connection with the audience. Since its establishment, over 90 years ago, Mitsides remains a wholesome, family-oriented organisation that seeks to add value, taste and quality to every household with its products. In an attempt to highlight the vast variety, great history and the modernised, relatable purpose of the company that remains a sought-after favourite, we searched for a collaboration that would match the identity and nourishing culture of the brand. We wanted to implement a strong online presence that would ensure an emotional connection with a new audience, while driving their brand awareness to new heights in the social channels.   

The Execution

We activated an influencer collaboration with Simplehomecooks, a popular Instagram account for homemade cooking ideas. With a vast audience of close to 11K followers, it was a consciously prominent choice that would lead to garnering great results and reaching a wider audience for Mitsides. The collaboration consisted of Instagram Reels for easy and fast recipes, with a full ingredients and instructions guide, which included products by Mitsides and appeared native to the audience. The intention was to propose healthy, accessible and speedy recipes that anyone could try at home, with the common link between them being Mitsides’ pasta, rice, flour and packaged goods. We utilised the entire variety of the brand’s range, in order to showcase the unlimited cooking possibilities that it has to offer, and along with the influencer’s expertise and execution, demonstrate how Mitsides can be part of every household with delicious recipes for the entire family.

The Results

The organic results were incredibly successful. The influencer collaboration proved to be a great one for Mitsides, as it spread the word about the brand’s variety of products, while bringing in a booming set of results, in terms of reach and views of the reels. We were also able to have a high engagement and interaction with the audience that appreciated the simplicity and inventiveness of the recipes, through more than 2000 comments and likes, which also resulted in over 300 saves, as a further showcasing of the audience’s liking. The collaboration demonstrated a great interest in people seeking new recipes and healthy cooking and we managed to place Mitsides at the forefront of that social search and discovery.



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