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The Challenge

Sunrise Hotels own and operate five hotels in prime locations of Protaras, surrounded by some of the most famous beaches in Cyprus. By combining high quality accommodation and an amazing dining experience, the group is able to promise and deliver a Unique Summer Experience to everyone who chooses to stay at their hotels.

Although the hotels are located on a few of the most prime locations of the island, Sunrise Hotels experienced a lack of awareness regarding the variety of services, facilities and locations they have. To overcome this challenge, we needed a strong Social Media presence. That’s why we designed a strategy with the prime purpose of increasing awareness for each Hotel and Restaurant/Bar separately, while also promoting the Hotels, as a whole.

After receiving insights about our target audience, we decided to use Facebook and Instagram as our primary channels, as they are the two channels our audience uses the most and we would be able to reach our objectives easily. Also, through those channels and mainly Instagram we could create a visually appealing feed with beautiful content that would, in return, attract people’s interest to our channels and consequently increase awareness of the hotels.

The strengthening of the brand’s digital presence was vital to achieve our goal. Through that, we could also increase engagement with the fanbase both on Facebook and on Instagram, create a loyal customer following and build trust with them. As a result of the increased engagement the company would be able to increase its fan base that would consequently help the company become well-known on social media as one of the top destinations to stay and dine in Protaras.

What did we do?

To help the Sunrise Hotels brand achieve its goals and objectives, we had a content strategy that consisted of posting material provided by the company and a photoshoot we did for extra content material. Our photoshoot consisted of 3-stops; the Sunrise Beach Hotel, the Verano bar and the Braseiro Rodizio Steakhouse.

We wanted to approach our audience with a fresh feed and appealing posts to attract more people and make them want to follow the Sunrise Hotel Instagram account. By combining the content provided and the new photos, we created an amazing Instagram feed that showcased the unrivaled beauty of the hotels and restaurants. Through our posts we were able to inform the followers about the different hotels, facilities and unique experiences they could have at each one of them.

To reach a wider audience we had to post consistently and use ads on Facebook and Instagram posts. Advertising also increased engagement on both platforms and helped the brand grow its fanbase on social media. Additionally, we added a “call-to-action'' on our ads directing people to the website, which resulted in many link clicks and higher traffic on the website, even though it wasn’t our primary aim and we did not run any Leads campaigns. We made sure to separate the different audiences that each hotel had, into 3 categories, and used target advertising to reach the right people that would engage more with the specific posts.

To further grow the accounts’ followers we also ran 2 competitions, one on Facebook and another on Instagram. Because of them we were able to increase the Sunrise Hotels Facebook page likes and Instagram followers, while creating excitement and building anticipation for more competitions in the future.

All in all, even with a low budget, we were able to get high results. Compared to how the accounts used to be we believe that the right Strategy we used resulted in a success and a great account growth in just four months!

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