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Brand-New TikTok Account has reached 113k views organically with 12 posts

The Client

Unihalls is the most luxurious, modern student accommodation in the country, offering tasteful contemporary studios and 1-bedroom flats.

The Challenges

Unihalls lacked strategic digital presence relevant to its direct consumer - students. We identified that their social media accounts were not generating engagement, lacked consistency and a stronger TOV.

The idea

The most obvious solutions were TikTok & Instagram Reels. The idea was to add a new layer to the Unihalls character: become a student problem-solver in all student scenarios.

The Objectives
  • Increase awareness & engagement 
  • Be relevant & relatable for students and their parents
  • Organic growth of loyal audience
  • Build a student community
The Execution
  • Created an audiovisual content strategy: implementation of trends, trending audios, slang, hashtags, platform-native TOV and visuals
  • Year-long Production & Filming plan, consisting of nearly 50 original videos
  • Algorithm tactics: consistent posting at the most optimal times with a use of SEO techniques to maximize organic growth


Let's create TikToks together

@unihalls Let us give you a small taste of what you can expect when you join us at our #UnihallsPremier! Check out all of our amenities and make the most of your stay with us!🤩 #Nicosia #Cyprus #WelcomeTour #NewAcademicYear #StudentLife ♬ original sound - Unihalls
@unihalls If you haven’t discovered our facilities yet, then this video is the perfect “Welcome Tour” to get you introduced to all of our perks at Unihalls Trinity!🤩 #UnihallsTrinity #Nicosia #Cyprus #WelcomeTour #NewAcademicYear #StudentLife ♬ original sound - Unihalls
@unihalls Did you know that there’s a cool museum in Nicosia that is free to visit?🤩 Grab your friends and discover it with us!#UnihallsPremier #UnihallsTrinity #StudentLife #UniLife #Nicosia #Cyprus #SummerTime #Museum #Artwork ♬ Little Dark Age - MGMT
Results for the latest 12 Reels:

Total Reach: 454k

Total Views: 42k

Total Engagement : 4696

Organic Results for the latest 12 TikToks:

3 Tiktoks went Viral ( x 20 normal engagement)

Total Views: 53k

Total Organic Engagement: 2667


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