User-experience is not another buzzword. It is a fundamental base for creating a website that converts visitors to customers. We design websites that are a cut above the rest. Why? Because they communicate clearly, are efficiently designed to create an effortless customer journey, and generally, blow your socks off!

UI and UX design services

With the use of good UI/UX, it is possible to enhance the layout, functionality and design of a site to ensure it drives customer satisfaction. User interface design (UI) relates to the look, feel, presentation and interactivity of the product.

User experience (UX) then optimises the interactivity and flow by using evidence-based research to combine business and user needs to create the best possible experience.

As consumers, we have all come to expect products which are user-friendly and appealing. This means taking UI/UX into consideration at the early stages of development is crucial. A customer visiting a website expects easy navigation and comfortable use. When a website fails to meet these expectations it can cause frustration and is likely to result in customers taking their business elsewhere.

web design

Website design services are critical in today's competitive online environment. The first impression your website makes visually will have a huge influence over a prospective client's impulse to click away or read further. We focus not only on providing aesthetically pleasing website design, but on creating layouts that help your clients quickly find the information they're looking for.

From simple to complex, we offer a full range of website services catered to your specific needs. We know that your website's homepage is the first virtual glimpse that a potential client, customer, or other business entity sees. A poorly designed or constructed website has the potential to not only decrease your chances of closing customers, but to damage your reputation as a professional. With over 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, creating mobile-friendly websites is no longer optional: it’s a necessity.


It all starts with a responsive web design! Responsive web design allows your website to adapt and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being viewed from. This means that your website will look great and function flawlessly for a user on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

We realize the importance of competition. That's why we focus on services that enhance branding, communication, and engagement. Whether you're looking for a mobile-ready website, a customised web application, or marketing solutions, look no further than Opium Works for an excellent UI/UX experience for your business or brand!

Whether you're promoting a book or are the CEO of a large corporation, you need a website design that gets you noticed. An attractive, well laid-out website is only the beginning.

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