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The client

Green Dot Cyprus is the first Collective Compliance System for Packaging and Packaging Waste in Cyprus. It is a non-profit organisation that cooperates with the majority of enterprises operating in Cyprus.

The quality of work done by the organisation and its contribution to public awareness on environmental issues, is highly appreciated and recognised both nationally and at a European level.


Our approach

We launched our inbound campaign for Green Dot Cyprus, in October 2017. This was our first inbound campaign as a digital agency and the first of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean regarding recycling. The reason why, inbound marketing was chosen over a traditional marketing approach was its ability to help us pinpoint exactly the right audience for our campaign, thus increasing our chances for higher conversion rates and engagement.

The challenge

The goal was to raise awareness for Green Dot Cyprus as an organisation and to educate people about correct recycling practices. Informing the general public was equally important as finding and targeting people who were already concerned about well-being and the quality of life.

Gathering information such as names and emails of those motivated, ideal candidates would serve as a conversation starter for future interactions. Those people could in turn educate their friends and families and help spread the word, making a great impact towards the right direction.

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