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The Brand

Bourjois is an elegant makeup brand that comes straight from Paris. Sometimes sparkling and sometimes more relaxed and solemn, is the perfect choice from day to night. From morning meetings to evening cocktails, the Parisian beauty products are always by our side. The brand's products are simple and smart with bright colours and light textures that make the beauty of every woman burst out without too much effort.


The face of Bourjois Cyprus

In 2022, a new collaboration started between Bourjois Cyprus and Andrea Taouxi. Andrea is a young and rising influencer on Instagram, who loves fashion and beauty. Just like us, she always wants to keep up with new trends and try different makeup styles that work from day to night! As Andrea expressed, Bourjois is one of her favorite makeup brands, since the products suit her skin and feminine style. 

The first activation

And just like that, our first collaboration with the topic “Be “That” Girl” began. The concept was to showcase the lifestyle and routine of a Bourjois young lady.
A Bourjois lady takes care of:

  • Herself
  • Her skin
  • Her mental health

The aspiration to embody a Parisian aesthetic can be fulfilled through the use of Bourjois products.
In this campaign, where the aim was to expand the brand's reach, two reels were produced; one for a daytime look and the other for an evening look. To showcase the empowerment and self-love of women, the first reel was released on International Women's Day, featuring a day in the life of Andrea, from waking up to preparing for work. The second reel portrayed a night out with friends, in which Andrea demonstrated how to create a glamorous evening look using Bourjois products.

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