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The Client 

Chrysalis Serve provides highly personalised business setup services to corporate clients and individuals who are setting up their companies, branches or subsidiaries in the UAE, including all technical, administrative and financial aspects of the business setup process. By default, the client was reliant on delivering exceptional customer service to individuals, startups and small to medium-sized companies, and thus required a corporate website interface that would meet the particular and practical needs of clients. 

Chrysalis Serve Web Design & Development

The Project

The aim was to craft a balance between professionalism and functionality, modernity and a user-friendly appeal, in order to implement a custom design that would reflect the objectives of the client while offering a workable and easily navigable website. The incorporation of Drupal 10 technology formed the foundation of the website, with robust content, management capabilities, security features and scalability, while we integrated a custom design, which was created according to the customer’s needs.


The most notable feature of the corporate website that would showcase Chrysalis Serve as a forward-thinking and client-centric company, was the implementation of a unique Custom Calculator component, which was designed to calculate the cost of opening a business in the UAE based on user inputs. It would provide valuable information to potential clients at their fingertips while showcasing the firm’s expertise and eagerness to offer easy solutions. 


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