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The Concept

The world of networking is ever-evolving and abundantly competitive. Only those who can adapt and evolve have any hope of making it. Survival of the fittest, much like a jungle. As a result, we decided to draw inspiration from this primal, jungle feeling that modern-day networking can evoke. Versatility and adaptability are a networker’s strongest features, which gave us the idea to create multiple animal characters as networking businessmen with their respective traits and characteristics, that would, in turn, allow us to showcase all of the benefits that Covve can provide its users with.

Covve Performance Creative Banners

The intention behind the campaign was to boost clicks and drive traffic to the App Store and Play Store to initiate more downloads that would in turn make users more familiar with the brand. What better way to entice them to do so, than with a striking presentation of animals at the forefront of our key visuals, with an accompanying catchy tagline that would spark interest? 

Covve Performance Creative Banners

The Execution

After brainstorming several animals, what their gimmicks and personalities would be, and how these could tie in with Covve’s services, we landed on the creation of the following eight animal characters: Ant, Giraffe, Dolphin, Squirrel, Owl, Penguin, Octopus and of course, the king of the jungle, the mighty Lion. Each of these characters was accompanied by their own unique tagline that perfectly highlighted the connection between the real-life animal and the metaphorical traits they bring to Covve’s services. For example, the Octopus’s multiple tentacles allow it to multitask, which is a vital skill to have in the networking landscape.

Covve Performance Creative Banners

On a visual basis, our characters were designed in a slightly anthropomorphic fashion, with the utilisation of AI technology, to better bridge the connection between the two themes, and also, to allow us to present them as symbols of authority and knowledge.

Covve Performance Creative Banners

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