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The Client

Euphoria, an emerging luxury skincare brand from Dubai, embodies the epitome of Mediterranean beauty secrets. With a commitment to capturing the essence of Greek nature, Euphoria offers a curated collection of premium skincare products and treatments, while embracing a holistic wellness experience. In order to launch and introduce the brand on a global scale, we turned to the prevalence of mobile-first content platforms, with a focus on short-form, informative and entertaining content to align with the essence of Euphoria.

The Production

The content production for Euphoria was meticulously designed to convey luxury and sophistication. We worked within a studio environment, with our focus centered on spotlighting the products as the centerpiece. By embracing a platform-native approach, we crafted scripts that incorporated trending music, dynamic movements, ethereal plays with natural and studio lighting that were tailored to captivate the interest and attention of our target audience. In addition to visually highlighting the beauty of the packaging and product design, we delivered relevant information in an engaging manner, employing platform-native text styles customized for Instagram and TikTok.


The Plan

The plan for Euphoria's content creation strategy was meticulously crafted with the intention of maintaining the brand's elegance, while ensuring relevance and authenticity across platforms. We adopted a “pull approach”, enticing users with visually appealing content that subtly showcased the brand's offerings, while also actively engaging with them through interactive elements. By curating content that seamlessly integrated with the platforms’ aesthetics and trends, we aimed to create an immersive experience that fostered a genuine connection and sustainably gained audiences’ loyalty.


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