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Intercollege is an independent, coeducational, equal opportunity institution of higher education, combining the best elements in western education, quality standards and an international philosophy with genuine care for its students. The college has been established long ago in the educational scene of Cyprus. In order to keep up with the modern and fast-paced environment we live in, Intercollege recruited Opium Works for their online advertising and social media presence.

The main audience of this college is young students that want to be part of an up-to-date environment, fully equipped with the right materials for their development. Our team’s main goal is to promote the innovative thinking of Intercollege, the hands-on programmes that will provide a place in the workforce, through a friendly and approachable tactic.

Pictures from college life, the college facilities and the appropriate educational content, Intercolleges’ social media channels became up to the standards of a college of its own range.

Our team
Marios Orphanos
Creative Director
Melina Kontou
Account Manager
Digital Marketing
Harout Adourian
Graphic Designer
Anastasia Dalakoura
Digital Account Executive
Digital Marketing

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