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Intercollege is an independent, coeducational, equal opportunity institution of higher education, that combines the best elements in western education, quality standards and maintains an international philosophy. What sets Intercollege apart is their genuine care for their students. In order to keep up with the modern and fast-paced environment we live in, Intercollege recruited Opium Works for their online advertising and social media presence. Our client aims to inform the world of motivated young students of the experiences and facilities they offer. 

Our goal is to create awareness and to  increase the fan community on the page, creating interesting and engaging content through an interactive and educational communication strategy. We aim to “humanize” the brand, figuring out the culture of modern and innovative environment that operates under the global requirements. 

In order to achieve our goals we use a lot of ‘Behind The Scenes posts’ that help us to communicate the everyday life in the campus of Intercollege. Also, we use interesting and educational posts regarding the different fields of studies and finally we  post some inspirational stories of alumnis and teachers that could motivate and inspire the potential or existing students.  

Our recruitment campaign began in July 2019 and will end in October 2019. Working with a large budget, we promote four separate fields of study, each with their own unique landing page and each with a different target audience that have their own very specific interests. To maximize our results and reach our goals our targeting was based not only on age but also on interests. 

We are following three steps: raising awareness, lead generation and remarketing. So far it has been extremely successful as we are increasing our links clicks and leads day by day. We brought in innovation to the campaign by creating enticing visuals, combining static images, videos and using new features like Facebook Experience videos. 

Our copywriting team did an awesome job with great captions and strong CTA’s! Pictures from college life, the college facilities and the appropriate educational content, Intercolleges’ social media channels became up to the standards of a college of its own range. 

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