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The Concept

Our content for Mitsides included Facebook and Instagram posts that have been particularly successful and have created a unique social media presence for the brand. Through interesting and unique recipes, as well as useful tips, all based on Mitsides’s beloved products, we have created an online hub for all of the brand’s followers’ culinary needs and experimentations. It was only natural to expand to another platform that seemed tailor-made for Mitsides’ content, which was none other than Pinterest. By utilising the brand’s Pinterest account, we were able to target a whole new demographic and take a different approach to how we create content for Mitsides.

The Execution

Pinterest has a different vibe from Facebook or Instagram, and as a result, we needed to create a brand-new approach for Mitsides’ account on the platform, while simultaneously maintaining the brand’s character. That was achieved through the creation of 5 distinct campaigns, each with its own unique style that suited the platform. The campaigns (All Aboard, The YOLO Years, Health and Fitness, All the Raves, Date Different) were conveyed with the appropriate tone of voice, that was inherently different from the brand’s previous content but felt more like an evolution rather than a reboot.

Mitsides Pinterest Campaign 2023

They all showcased exciting food-related recipes and ideas and focused on their visual appeal and aesthetics, which is Pinterest’s main pillar, after all.

Mitsides Pinterest Campaign 2023

The Results

Thanks to a coordinated effort from all members of our team, we achieved several impressive results with this project, which are clearly depicted in the final figures of our Pinterest campaign. The vibrantly visual and SEO-friendly platform and Mitsides’s enriching and embracing nature as a whole, were a match made in digital marketing heaven!




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