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The Concept

December was a defining month for REinvest, as a brand, and the campaign we designed for their promotion. Our plan was to prepare and utilise a multi-pronged approach that would lead to the desired results. After thorough research, planning and consideration, we pinpointed the brand’s strengths and weaknesses and designed our marketing strategy around them. By focusing on the company’s strengths and making sure to rectify what was hurting its online presence, we were able to redefine its identity.

The brand’s most significant pain points included low site traffic, low engagement time, as well as minimal lead generation, especially quality ones.

The strategy was focused on three separate end goals. Firstly, it was crucial to properly segment the brand’s content and targeting, to be able to offer more directed and useful information to interested followers.
Secondly, in order to appear in more relevant searches we needed to make use of long-tailored keywords that better fit the brand’s essence.

And finally, retargeting users who had previously engaged with REinvest was imperative to the campaign’s overall success.

REInvest Performance Management

The Execution

The campaign was separated into multiple sections that would cover the full extent of the company’s services, while at the same time allowing each of them the necessary time to shine and therefore, pique the interest of potential customers. Furthermore, we decided to promote the campaign via multiple channels, such as Google Search, Google Display and Meta, which would allow us to reel in new customers from numerous sources.

REInvest Performance Management

This was further accentuated by the implementation of long-tailored keywords that made the company appear in more specific searches that better accommodated the audience’s needs. Instead of one generic approach that may not be clear enough for a user to be attracted to, this procedure helped the brand to always appear to the right demographic.

Last but not least, our extensive focus on retargeting strategies proved to be a very effective method of convincing users who have engaged with the brand in the past to convert from mildly interested passersby individuals to active customers of REinvest.

The Results

The campaign’s final results underline the success of the process, as they exceeded all expectations and boosted the brand’s online presence and engagement significantly.

Website Page Views Increased by 21.2% 

Compared to Previous Month

Website Total Users Increased by 87.2% 

Compared to Previous Month

Website New Users Increased by 95% 

Compared to Previous Month

93 Leads Generated by Google Ads 

(5.7% Increase from Previous Month)

49 Leads Generated by Meta Ads 

(104.2% Increase from Previous Month)

Average Engagement Time per Session: 

2 Minutes 7 Seconds

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