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The Project

The Mall of Cyprus assigned us to manage and prepare a digital campaign for Valentine’s Day 2022 with the aim to focus on creating awareness that the Mall Gift Card is another great option for gifting during Valentine’s Day. The aim was also to educate the audience of the customer journey to the mall in order to purchase a Mall Gift card.

As this campaign was launched during Valentine’s Day we had to create a fun, engaging, and playful concept!

The Objective

  • Increase awareness of the Mall Of Cyprus Gift Card.
  • Create awareness of the process of getting a Gift Card through the information desk at the mall.
  • Motivate users to visit the Mall of Cyprus during Valentine’s Day period.

The Campaign

Our goal was to create buzz before we launched the game so we released one pre-hype post on the Mall of Cyprus Facebook & Instagram pages teasing that a competition is coming. After 4 days we published one static post informing the audience that we are live with the competition game! The game was launched on our Instagram stories and every 24-hours we uploaded them organically so the users could find it at any given time.🧐


In the meantime, we partnered with key influencers so we can get the maximum exposure for our Valentine’s campaign.  

We collaborated with Kalia Eleftheriou, Charis Papatheocharous & Liana Michael. We asked them to create a lifestyle static post informing their followers about our competition. A few days later they released a series of stories where they were playing the game and explaining the process of our Love Machine Game!

  • Through this partnership, we educated users and motivated them to take part in our competition in a more playful, fun & interactive way 🥳

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