Taco Bell Pizza Crunch Wrap Campaign
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Our challenge was to attract more young people to visit Taco Bell, through engaging and fun content. We based our approach on... “Pizza” as our product was Pizza Crunchwrap! The majority of people love pizza and we were trying to engage with them through funny quotes and media by creating playful and interactive content with the word PIZZA.  We recommended interactive, engaging and live posts based on the “Pizza” concept so we could attract young people to visit Taco Bell.

Pizza Crunchwrap was the best opportunity to use a casual approach in both texts and visuals in order to meet Taco Bell’s goal: to be the No.1 Brand that people would love! Our target groups were especially the younger ones, as they match perfectly the Taco Bell’s spirit! We recommended  interactive, engaging, live mass and viral posts based on the “Pizza” concept so we could attract young people to visit Taco Bell Cyprus restaurants, by showing the friendly atmosphere of the restaurants. 

The teasing period with Stay Tuned visuals and videos, was very successful – we consider it to be our secret ingredient! When the product was officially released, we launched new Ads with product placements, in order to keep the hype up.

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Opium Metrics

Total Reach 92K
Total Impressions 183K
Duration of Campaign 2 Months
Total Reactions: 1.4K
Average Daily Reach: 32K


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