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The School Memes were a combination of trending memes on Social Media with daily local phrases that students tend to use. The campaign run for 2 weeks (during the heightened exam period). We received more than 2K post engagements and reached 28K people. Every engagement cost only 0.01Eur (CPC) to our client and the Click Through Rate was 5.28%. 
To develop even more the engagement with the audience, we created thematic units dedicated to delivery, international days and products.

With special and informative visuals we aimed to "Spread tacos everywhere" and inform the users on delivery services, occasions to celebrate, like the "Best Friends Day" and new products like the mouthwatering Crunchwrap! 
With special photoshoots and video products, we brought different elements together to educate the audience on Taco Bell's services, food and brand in general.   Explore more Opium projects with Taco Bell

Opium Works was appointed to build a coherent and interactive social media presence for world-renowned chain restaurant Taco Bell. What began for Taco Bell in 2010 - with assistance to their in-house digital marketing activations - was launched in full force in December 2011. Our team implemented a marketing strategy that would entice the younger audience. Attracting the millennial attention—and finding creative ways to accommodate their new behaviors, tastes and routines—wasn’t easy. But we aimed to inform consumers about the tantalising, Mexican-flavoured products, increase store traffic, maximize reach and ultimately make Taco Bell… cool!

Plunging into this this pop–tastic world of Taco Bell, we generated key thematic units. We introduced Educational Quotes with the aim to inform and educate the relevant target audiences. We recognised 11 popular phrases and quotes that were trending across social media channels by teenagers and we combined them with Taco Bell products. We reached 2,100 people, 73 unique engaged users and 0.02% engagement with almost no spending. In addition to this – and in a successful attempt to sympathise with Taco Bell's young crowd – we created School Memes. 

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