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The Client 

Founded in 2021, TechIsland stands as the largest tech association on the island with the mission to transform Cyprus into a tech hub. As a non-profit organisation TechIsland strives towards accelerating the growth of the local tech and innovation ecosystem, while seeking to expand the island’s technological and business potential and placing Cyprus on the global tech map. 

TechIsland Web Development


The Project

The successful integration of Drupal 9 technology was instrumental in ensuring the dynamism of the corporate website by incorporating captivating elements that created a visually informative platform. The combination of cutting-edge technology with creative design, meant that the website would not only showcase Cyprus’ technological and business potential, but also position TechIsland as a leading advocate for the island’s tech development. 


Additionally, the flexibility of Drupal 9 allowed for the creation of a powerful and fully immersive user experience through numerous animations that ensured a cohesive and visually appealing journey through TechIsland’s mission and purpose. The upgrade of the corporate website contributed to a positive brand perception, which showcased how strategic web development can effectively convey a brand’s messaging and lead to heightened visibility. 

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