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Amsterdam–based restaurant Wok to Walk enlisted Opium Works to introduce the company to the overly–saturated local market. Our challenge was to embed asiatic cuisine into the Cypriot culture and increase revenue. We plunged into the company's insights and understood that employees have fun at work and cook the kind of food they’d like to eat on a hectic day: quick, fresh and mouth–watering. The franchise is honed to its true origins by offering sumptuous recipes and... a great show. 

Another part of our digital strategy was that we conducted a local competitive analysis and understood how to target specific audiences: who are they, where do they usually hang out online, why do they consume the content and how they consume the content. We learned that Wok to Walk's intended audience is the youth. Therefore, we implemented an Instagram–first strategy, with cross–posting on Facebook. 

We generated calendars that divided posts into thematic sub–categories. We established the brand's international tone of voice and seamlessly incorporated CTAs in captions to entice and interact with our audience. This aided in a significant increase in reach and engagement, resulting to a 623K+ reach on Instagram and 357K+ reach on Facebook. 

Opium Metrics

357K+ Reach on Facebook 

535K+ Impressions on Facebook

12K+ Total Engagement 

623K+ Reach on Instagram

622K+ Impressions on Instagram


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