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XIMI Vogue Content Creation

The Project

In order to communicate with the Cypriot audience and humanize the brand, we decided to personalize XIMI and create a persona named after the store. To interact with the public and be relatable, XIMI uses her social media accounts as her personal blog, posting photographs of her skincare routine, quality time with her dog, her new accessories, homeware, tech gadgets and of course her cute little plushy friends.

XIMI Vogue Content Creation

The Content

We aimed to create lifestyle photographs with a Korean identity that the Cypriot community, and people around the world, would still be able to identify with. To produce engaging and relatable content, while still promoting XIMI Vogue’s products, we’ve been shooting on location, specifically in a home environment - this personalizes the content making it easy for viewers to relate to and buy the product we’re promoting.


XIMI Vogue Content CreationWe’ve utilized all rooms of a house, we’ve photographed in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen, to promote all kinds of products from XIMI Vogue and showcase their use. Other times we would use colourful backgrounds for more studio-like photography to switch it up between the posts.

We’ve created playful content, curated each photo carefully, and added a fun and quirky aesthetic to our content.

Creating content for XIMI Vogue has been such a fun experience as we have different products each time and different themes for the different months of the year.

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