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Zorbas HR Project was a big idea that began after the client’s request for an enticing and fun campaign that could promote the values and the goals of the company to people that love bakeries and restaurants and to those that are searching for job opportunities in Cyprus. The campaign could achieve the highest number of job applicants and a great number of brand awareness through the social media of Zorbas Group. 

The client’s main goals were to create awareness of their company's values promoting both their daily presence in the Cypriot culture and their collegial spiring. Our strategic objectives were based on the three marketing pillars: engagement, traffic and awareness. We came up with a great, fun and engaging ideas that could exposure the brand culture of our clients, targeting the right people through a representative message which could be memorable. 

Our plan based on the creation of a unique and standing content strategy. Firstly, the creation of 8 different, equally awesome videos, that use a fun and edgy approach to portray the connection of the Zorbas brand with their working environment and culture. These videos belong to the category of ‘Part of your Life’.

Secondly, mini interviews and photos of some of the workers in order to highlight the human approach of the company. These were utilized by being incorporated in extensive Native Articles and Social Media, further boosting the brand’s SEO. Thirdly the creation of a custom made template that we used on  all of the photos and Mini interviews. Our strategy focused on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display and YouTube Ads and involved: To generate engagement and awareness, targeting a wide audience through the category of ‘Part of Your Life’ Video Content. 

To target specific audience (people with interests on job affairs) through the use of photos and mini Interviews with the employees. We focused on Zorbas Facebook and Instagram account since it has great number of engagement and a big fan community, that could help us to maximize our main goals. Google display and YouTube ads in order to target the relevant and desired audience whilst they were searching for the perfect employment opportunity. 

The campaign has been extremely successful as it had a great number of links clicks and video views. We achieved to create a very engaging and interactive content that empowered the message of the campaign. A significant part of this success was the use of enticing visuals with specific templates and clever, emotional video content that could stand out, catching the attention of the users on Social Media. 

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860K+ Social Media total reach

53K+ Social Media total link clicks

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