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Green Dot Cyprus is the first Collective Compliance System for Packaging and Packaging Waste in Cyprus and a non-profit organisation that cooperates with the majority of enterprises operating in Cyprus.

The quality of work done by the organisation and its contribution to public awareness on environmental issues is highly appreciated and recognised both nationally and at a European level.

We launched our inbound campaign for Green Dot Cyprus, in October 2017. This was our first inbound campaign as a digital agency and the first of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean regarding recycling.

The aim of this campaign was to inform the public of the proper ways in which packaging waste should be sorted prior to being collected for recycling by the organisation. The three types of waste and waste packaging managed by Green Dot Cyprus (PMD, glass, and paper) are to be disposed of separately, in order to allow for an efficient recycling process. The campaign was to be both engaging and informative, motivating the public to follow simple recycling Do’s and Don’ts.

We took on a humorous approach for this digital campaign, creating 9 short videos and posting them to our social media over a 3-month period! Our main channel was Facebook, but we also utilised Instagram for sponsored, targeted posts, and shared the videos to the Green Dot Cyprus YouTube channel.

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