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HTC Energy is a strategic partner of ExxonMobil and the exclusive distributor of the Esso fleetcard for the Cyprus market. Their Esso fleetcard was designed to give companies with small or large fleets of vehicles the chance to better manage fuel and vehicle-related expenses, by streamlining their fleet accounting and administrative processes. Opium Works was enlisted to design and develop a website that would reflect the brand's vision and identity and ultimately, raise awareness. We used a carousel of hero images at the top of the home page that include CTAs such as “Apply Now” in order to immediately communicate the value of the fleetcard to visitors from the moment they enter the website.

Two of these images point out extremely useful features: the mobile application and online portal, something which informs users they can manage their accounts easily, while on the go. 
Scrolling down, visitors can find two clearly defined sections — one for the general benefits of registering for a fleetcard, and another for what makes the Esso fleetcard distinct and different. Underneath, users can see a map of Cyprus that highlights the locations of Esso stations where fleet drivers can fuel up and enjoy perks thanks to their card. When exploring the website, users can find what these features include through accordions, which makes for easy navigation. 


We incorporated the vivid colours of the brand in a powerful yet discreet way. The colours of the brand are used throughout the website in multiple ways, such as on the CTA buttons and colouring of the icons. The layout is neat and matches the colour patterns and mood of the brand, with clearly labelled sections in the navigation bar, eye-catching CTAs, and social media icons that help motivate visitors to connect with HTC Energy. 

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