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Like Beauty is an online destination with tips, tricks, and products to help anyone enhance their natural beauty! It’s a community for all women and men who are interested in the beauty industry and everyday things that make life beautiful. Our collaboration with Like Beauty started on March 2017 with the goal to maintain the success of the page and evolve it further, in order to stand out in a very competitive and fast-changing industry. 


An important first step in accomplishing these goals was to identify and take into consideration potential challenges, such as the multitude of competitive brands on the market.


We wanted the brand’s Page Likes to continue to come in solely through organic and paid posts – not through page advertising. Maintaining the implementation of “Sunday Win,” a Like & Share to Win competition once every week was essential for this.


We then optimised the creation of content by focusing on our specified target audience. Researching our context meant delivering relevant, interesting content and enabling ourselves to create a satisfied, loyal fan-base.

Each product promoted by Like Beauty brought in its own set of corporate brand values, and so the promotion had to follow guidelines strictly to stay true to that original identity. We set out to do justice to each individual brand whose products Like Beauty advocated, while also preserving the Like Beauty tone and values. Elevating the brands’ equity by representing them within a top-end visual environment was vital.




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Lancome - Monsieur Big

We partnered up with 8 influencers who matched our client’s goal: to attract young audiences and get them to interact with their brand on social media. Influencers and bloggers created a series of Instagram posts, Stories, videos and blogs, talking about the brand and the new products. The campaign concluded with a big 3-day event at the Mall of Cyprus alongside the national and regional make-up artists of Lancome. Influencers attended the event, had a skincare treatment and their make-up done, and shared the whole experience on social media. 


Themed Days!

We used Themed Days to divide our content into categories and assign a particular subject to each day of the week. The themes are as follows: Monday MANday, Woman Tuesday, Wellbeing Wednesday, Luxury Thursday, Fabulous Friday, as well as Saturday Offers, and Sunday Wins. The first image that is posted every day is introductory and sets the tone for what is to follow—the remaining posts are there in order to advertise and promote the products themselves. The result is a unification of content in sections, within one larger theme.

The same approach is implemented on Instagram. Since the Instagram platform “divides” profile content into three columns, we post three times per day to create “trilogy” rows of unified images that all exhibit one common theme.