Mothercare is a British retailer specialising in products for expectant mothers, new parents, and merchandise for children up to 8 years old. The brand has been around since 1961 and has opened over 500 stores across the world! Mothercare has 8 stores in Cyprus and is a popular choice among the island’s new parents.


Mothercare Cyprus had no previous activity on social media whatsoever. They needed to establish their digital presence from scratch, and connect with their audience digitally for the first time. Mothercare Cyprus also wanted to communicate and further reinforce the idea that they are a caring, supportive partner to new families through their online profiles.


We started working with the client in June 2017. Constant monitoring and careful observation allowed us to gain invaluable insight into the lives of our target audience, and better understand their needs, habits, and reality. From this we learned that a lot of our followers (parents with young children) were more active on social media during the night! More specifically, activity seemed to spike between 2am and 8am, and so we started posting and advertising a lot more during those hours.


To enforce the idea that Mothercare Cyprus is there not only to guide but to also support new parents, we adopted a highly conversational tone in all our posts, giving tips to our fans and asking them questions or to share their opinions on related matters with fellow parents. Bringing people together and helping them start a conversation helped us create a sense of community and build trust further.






Posting relevant, valuable advice and advertising helpful products at times when parents were alone, awake, and very likely frustrated and tired, helped strengthen the notion that Mothercare Cyprus is the reliable, go-to partner for new parents! 

Encouraging users to start or join conversations in the comments section throughout the day, whether that’s early morning or late in the evening, resulted in more engagement and the creation of a sense of community and belonging, which is crucial in building a strong bond between brand and followers. Addressing the concerns of new or soon-to-be mums and dads allowed us to not only communicate our expertise, but also maintain Mothercare’s top-of-mind awareness among audiences.